Comments from our clients and partners 

"The Society places its members at the heart of our business and we always aim to provide products and services that are key in securing their financial security, whether it be for today or at a future point. We feel strongly that the provision of advice should be a requirement of an organisation such as our own. This particularly applies to the complexities of planning how the wealth we have built up is distributed and how we protect those we love in later life or on death.

Newcastle Building Society has maintained a long standing relationship of eight years with Tom, Michelle and the team of the Estate Planning Group. Customers value the products and services provided, staff are confident introducing our members to the group and overall we are highly satisfied with this key relationship. The Estate Planning Group are professional in how they deliver their services to our members, how they monitor and review their advice to ensure it is suitable and how they manage the relationship with the Society.

We expect the relationship to continue for the foreseeable future as it has always done and be a highly appreciated service that our members value and trust."

Stuart Fearn, Head of Customer Contact, Newcastle Building Society


"We are passionate about delivering a totally professional and friendly service to our Members, which is why we are extremely careful when choosing the companies we work with. The Will Writing Company are a trusted partner that we are proud to be connected with and share our vision and values. We take pride in recommending them to our Members as we know that they will offer the highest standard of service and product range available.

Our Members tell us that they appreciate the advice and recommendations from The Will Writing Company when dealing with the complex matter of estate planning. Their professional yet friendly manner ensures that our Members are kept at ease when discussing their estates and the language they use helps Members to easily understand what is going on.

Since the beginning of our association with The Will Writing Company, we have successfully grown and strengthened our relationship and would happily recommend them going forward.

Chris Collins, Head of Operations, Dudley Building Society


"Leeds Building Society has been in partnership with The Will Writing Company for over 12 years. As both organisations have anniversaries this year; Leeds Building Society 140 years and The Will Writing Company 25 years, it is significant to note our shared values – a straightforward, customer focused service, with integrity and responsibility for the advice provided. A collaborative approach is adopted to a relationship which provides customers with access to products and services which enhance our wider proposition."

Trevor Garside, Head of Direct Distribution, Leeds Building Society


"We are extremely proud of our partnership with The Will Writing Company, now the UK’s leading firm of specialist Will writers.

Right from the start, The Will Writing Company have impressed us with their understanding, efficient and professional manner, an approach that not only inspired confidence within ourselves but also our members.

Over the last five years, many of our members have been introduced to The Will Writing Company and they have put customers’ needs at the heart of everything they do, providing professional advice, products and services to help people plan effectively and securely for the future.

Phil Binch, Revenue Product Manager, Nottingham Building Society


"We’re pleased to be working in partnership with The WIll Writing Company to offer a service so very well suited to our members needs.

The Will Writing Company have a very good understanding of what is important to us, consistently delivering a professional and empathetic service. From the start of our relationship we had no doubts about the expertise of the company we were introducing our members to.

We’ve been working with The Will Writing Company for a couple of years now and are looking forward to our successful relationship growing and continuing to support our members in protect their financial achievements.

Andy Lucas, Chief Operating Officer, The Cambridge Building Society


Client Testimonials

M Dalby – “Clear professional advice as this is not an area I am familiar with”

Anonymous – “The information I received was given professionally, precisely and in language I could understand, without being rushed and any queries I had were explained for me – very good”

R. Field – “Our consultant (Kathryn Dunne) was able to explain everything to us in simple terms, which even I could understand. Highly delighted with the service we received”

M. Hall – “Our advisor, Kathryn, was very helpful, very clear at explaining all the things we didn’t understand. She was very friendly and made a difficult process easy”

Anonymous – “Yvonne explained everything clearly, not in legal terms, nothing was a bother to her, very pleasant, comfortable to talk to”

Anonymous – “Professional, tactful and discreet. Excellent”

P. Humsden – “The lady who helped me draw up my will was most helpful and extremely gracious”

Anonymous – “The person concerned was very pleasant, polite, and well spoken. Everything was made perfectly clear. Interviews were given on time”

G. Stuart – “Excellent. Any questions on our part were fully explained, a polite and courteous manner”

Anonymous – “The representative (M. Sugden) was very courteous and helpful explaining everything very clearly”

Anonymous – “Very nice man – took time to understand us. Very professional and easy to deal with. Very knowing and kept us updated and sorted out our problem. Was very good with the staff at Nottingham Building Society.

J. Willacy – “The idea of writing a will is quite daunting as it’s about thinking about death. I found David Gaygan very helpful and with his friendly manner made the experience a positive one”

Anonymous – “Very helpful and understanding”

Anonymous – “We would recommend the company and Yvonne to anyone looking to do a will”

M. Dugdale – “The representative was very helpful, gave us a lot of advice and information to help us make the correct choices”

Anonymous – “Very helpful and detailed explanation of the whole process. We would not hesitate to recommend The Will Writing Company to friends should they wish to avail themselves of the service in the future”

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